I have had wonderful experiences at the office each and every time I have visited. My appointments are scheduled with my busy schedule in mind, the staff is always friendly, and appointments are quick and thorough. I have referred multiple friends and family members to DeCesare and will continue to do so!

Tanisha Amaral

2 months ago

Great practice, great doctor, highly recommend.
Dr. Oliveira is very knowledgeable and caring toward her patients.

Jacqueline Rohan

2 weeks ago

Best eye exam I've ever had with Dr. Oliveira. Love my new glasses!

Amanda Bilunas

2 weeks ago

Dr. Oliveira and her staff are great! From the moment you walk in the door her office manger Joan greets you with a big smile making you feel comfortable. Dr. Oliveira is super friendly and makes sure all questions are answered before you ...

chelsie stephenson

a month ago

First off, A+ for staff! That being said, I had a few other problems and annoyances:

- I was billed ~$30 after-the-fact, for an additional exam procedure that I was not told would cost more, would have been optional (they asked me if I wanted to not do it because it required dilating my eyes, preventing me from driving), and wasn't covered by my insurance.
- I'm very much not certain whether I'm right, but I remember ordering a different lens type at a different cost than I received. I checked with them and they thought everything was in correct but it's something to double check.
- Not remotely their fault, but my insurance provider misled me about their in-network status for buying glasses (they were not in Spectera). Again, something to double check.

David Boles

2 months ago

Coming here since I was a kid, not planning on changing at all, Professional staff and always kindness and smiles

Busra Toprak

2 weeks ago

TLDR: I'm not a seasoned evaluator of optometrists but I highly recommend this practice for general eye exams.

I gradually started having slight problems seeing at night and objects far away. I have never had an eye exam before visiting DeCesare so I wasn't sure what to expect (especially because it is so difficult to find reviews for any kind of doctor).

After filling out a short questionnaire, I waited about 3 minutes and had a short exam with an assistant before being escorted into the room. I waited not even a minute before the optometrist (Dr. Paul) came in. He was very personable, very thorough, and explained the tests for me. It really didn't seem like a doctor's visit.

I had heard that doctors will sometimes pressure you into buying glasses from them but it really didn't seem that way. He did show me around the glasses that they had and I tried a couple on, but I had decided that I would ask my g/f to come help another time. Dr. Paul said I could come by anytime to check out their selection. It may be a little more expensive but I was so happy with the service I might just go back and pay the extra money for a pair.

Afterwards he gave me a sheet which explained the results. I'm not sure if this sheet is adequate enough to take to another eye-glass shop but I assume so. The staff seems pleasant as well (minimal interaction).

Derek A.


I wish I had found this place sooner! I'm moving to LA this week and am so, so sad to be leaving DeCesare behind.

Great, personal service. Same-day appts available.

I came in needing contacts after having fairly exclusively worn glasses for 20+ years. 5 yrs previously I got contacts prescribed but hadn't gotten them since. The optometrist was very helpful, genuine, and caring. He somehow magically discovered that I had been over-corrected for years. YEARS. I had been getting terrible headaches and couldn't figure out why. (Note: I didn't tell him this at all, he just went through the normal vision exam and found that my glasses were WAY too strong. Like over a point too strong on each lens.) The second he put in my new contacts the headache went away. Holy f&*% do I recommend this place. I've been to at least 10 different optometrists in my life. DeCesare Eye Care is BY FAR the best I've ever been to.

He gave me a free pair of contacts, coupons to get $80 back on my contacts, and even had a YEAR'S SUPPLY of my prescription on hand! That never happens! He went out of his way to save me money and was by far the most caring and thoughtful optometrist I've ever been to.

All in all, I LOVE this place and just wish I weren't about to move so far away.

Rebecca S.


Personal service
Great small-scale operation
Great follow-up calls

I've been going here for 3 years now, and it's been a pleasant experience throughout. While parking can occasionally be an issue, especially if you're really early and only get a 1 hour spot, if you're on time you should be fine. I've never had to wait an excessively long amount of time in the waiting room, and the optometrist (Dr. Paul) is fairly attentive while I'm in the chair.

I've purchased two pairs of frames here, as well as lenses of the glass and contact variety. The assortment of frames is small, but it's diverse enough that both times I was getting fitted for a new pair, I found exactly what I had in mind when I came in that morning. They have a good pricing range too, from the really high end to the really really cheap.

With contacts, I was given a small supply of them while I waited for my larger order to come in, and when I came in a few weeks later for a checkup and re-evaluation, he gave me a few more pairs, "just because." That's not the sort of thing that happens at the big, impersonal places. It's also nice that I can stop in here every once in a while and they'll give me a few of those micro-fiber cloths just for the trouble of asking (which I'm sure they get for free anyway.)

It doesn't hurt that Seven Stars Bakery is right across the street, so if you're really early, you have somewhere besides the waiting room to sit.

Lou P.

4.0 star rating 3/3/2010

I basically come here just because the doctor is so unbelievably nice. However, if you want a practical review, I had an eye exam here & I learned that I need reading glasses. It had been hard to focus on printed text but I never suspected that there was an actual, physical reason for my trouble. I was upset to hear that I needed glasses, but The doctor made me feel like I was not alone and that made me feel much better.

claire c.


Very convenient location. I feel thoroughly helped, taken care of, informed and welcome at this location. They are very good about getting back to me and checking to see whats covered for me as well as costs and rebates. Very nice and polite. No problem helping me while I'm being indecisive or asking a lot of questions. Been going here since 2013.

J V.