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You'll Be Enjoying Clear Vision in No Time

Schedule a LASIK consultation in Providence, RI today

Are you tired of wearing glasses or fiddling with contacts? LASIK laser eye surgery might be for you. Schedule a LASIK consultation at DeCesare Eye Associates in Providence, RI to find out for sure.

LASIK laser eye surgery has become a more common procedure in recent years. If you are a candidate, your vision may be corrected and eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses.

If you're ready to throw your glasses away, then laser surgery is the clear answer for you. Call us at 401-331-4475.

What happens at a LASIK exam?

At your LASIK surgery consultation, we'll:

  • Determine your eyeglass prescription
  • Evaluate the health of your eyes
  • Measure the shape and thickness of your corneas
  • Analyze your tear film to determine any dry eye problems
  • Inspect your eyelids

If we think you're a candidate, we'll walk you through the next steps required to set up the surgery, starting with picking out an excellent eye surgeon. We accept most types of insurance, including Vision Service Plan policies. Contact DeCesare Eye Associates today to let us calm all of your laser eye surgery fears.